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Beautiful irony

Funny how, just as we face up to one of the darkest times in our history, the sun is shining, the daffodils are blazing yellow, and the birds are singing with what sounds suspiciously like joyful enthusiasm.

Is all this beauty just a bitter irony - nature (or God) laughing at our predicament? Or are we being offered balm for our souls?

Well, I'd say - better for us if we can take it as a morsel of compensation for our present troubles. Actually, more than a morsel: if our eyes are open, we are being offered a banquet, a right royal take-away of colour and light and glory. We are being given something restorative, and perhaps there is a message in the way everything is waking up, coming back to life. Something like - "You, too, will recover, you will have life again, you will laugh and dance. Your sorrow, like the winter, will run its course and then give way to spring."

Creation is God's love for us. And nothing can separate us from that love.



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