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Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List? The one below isn't mine but it's certainly got some good ideas in it! I started to think about it as I read the scriptures for this coming Sunday and thinking about what I would be saying.

We celebrate the "Presentation of Christ in the Temple" or "Candlemas". As I was writing the sermon I began thinking about Simeon waiting for the Lord's Messiah to come, knowing that it would happen before he died. I'm guessing he was old and that for him this was the last thing on his Bucket List, but what a thing and far bigger and greater than Simeon would have imagined.

It then took my thoughts to the film "Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, two cancer sufferers who become the most unlikely of friends and end up spending three months together - each fulfilling a "bucket list". What they discover is that bucket lists have more to do with living fully and faithfully than dying. They end up discovering that what gives them the greatest joyare not the selfish, self-centred items but the things they took for granted like a meal with family or the love shared by friends. Nicholson's character learns the hard way through the death of his friend which makes him re-engage with his estranged daughter and sense the saving grace which flows from forgiveness.

That thought is so very profound and is the basis of our own faith. We know the grace of forgiveness and the joy of faith. So am I saying we should have a "Bucket List"? Well I think that is up to you but I do wonder if we have one that we should take a leaf out of Simeon's and the first one on our list should be a "genuine hope to see Christ" and hopefully we would soon learn that can happen in so many different ways day by day when we genuinely look for Him.



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Monday, 09 December 2019

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