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Empty and silent

Our churches are closed, and I find myself wondering what they must feel like - almost as if they were sentient beings. Empty and silent, of course: no singing, no sermons, no chatter before and after the service. No people. It seems sad, and yet God will still be there, in those spaces where so many prayers have been said, and the power of those prayers will still hang in the air.

Hard though it is to be unable to enter and populate our churches, there's a strange sort of rightness in our being deprived at this time. Something of great value has been taken from us - as it has, in different ways, from everyone. And this week we remember One from whom everything was taken, leaving the empty shell of his body and a bleak, desolate silence.

Perhaps the hard fact that nothing is left of our gatherings for worship can help us feel more deeply the deprivation Jesus endured. But remember: Easter will come, Jesus will rise, and - though we may have to wait a while yet - we will meet again, in our churches, and they will be full of the sound of our praise.

Humble like God
A Litany for Holy Week

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