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Equal before God

Inequality, we know, is a huge problem in our country and across the world. Inequality of opportunity, inequality of income, inequality of human rights... For those of us who call ourselves Christians, there should be something shocking in the many facets of inequality that confront us every day. We believe, after all, that human beings are created in the image of God, and that every human life is of equal value and deeply precious in the sight of God. And we're aware that the climate crisis we all face has its roots in the short-sighted greed of a minority of the human race, and is likely to have its greatest impact on those who are already disadvantaged. Something, surely, has to change...

Although there is no easy solution offered here, I found these words of Olivia Graham, the new Bishop of Reading, who has spent much of her ministry in Africa, helpful:

"I am very passionate about the issue of global inequality. I am very clear that it has its roots in the historic, and sometimes current, systematic economic exploitation by rich nations of the poor nations. I am constantly shocked by the scale of global inequality. If this issue is going to be tackled, then the whole world economic system needs to be reformed. We have to encourage our political leaders to be more long-term in their thinking and in their approach to the challenge of global capitalism."

I believe that awareness of the need for change is increasing, and that power-holders will not be able for ever to ignore the call to put people ahead of profit, and to pursue policies that enrich our earth rather than despoiling it. The battle lines are drawn, and the next 10 years are likely to be critical in the struggle to safeguard our planet and reduce inequality. Which side will you and I be on?

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