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Faced with ourselves


Our Lent group - before being interrupted by events beyond our control - was reading "Walking the Way of the Cross", a series of reflections on the Stations of the Cross. Today I found myself stopping at Paula Gooder's response to Jesus' exchange with the two thieves crucified with him (Luke 23:39-43), and in particular her suggestion that encountering Jesus brings to the surface who we really are, and that what really matters is how we respond to this truth when it's revealed.

Although I don't believe in a God who is intent on punishing us for our misdeeds, I do know (not least from experience of my own reactions) that failure to own our reality - usually accompanied by blaming others - is damaging to us, both psychologically and at a soul level. The first thief falls back on mocking Jesus, because he can't face his bleak reality; the second thief courageously takes responsibility for what he's done, and so is able to accept both himself and Jesus.

Which one are you and I more like?

We will wait
Alone - or not?

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