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Just showing up


In his book "How to pray", Pete Greig says: "99% of prayer is just showing up - making ourselves consciously present to the God who is constantly present with us".

In other words, stick at it. Don't become disillusioned if there are no fireworks, if you're not overwhelmed by joy and peace; just find a place and a time for prayer, and show up. When Archbishop Michael Ramsey was asked about the time he set aside for prayer, he replied: "One minute, but it takes me twenty-nine to get there".

It's easy for prayer to feel like a chore - one more thing we "have" to do, with no guarantee of satisfaction. So maybe it's best to start small, with no great expectations of ourselves, or of God. No hurdles to jump, no exams to pass. Just show up: find somewhere to be still for a few minutes, and do nothing, say nothing. Wait. Get rid of words, for a little spell, and be yourself, be with your self. God is already with you, of course.

I know, that's hardly a comprehensive guide to praying. But it's a start. Someone described prayer as "the soul's native language". We spend a lot of time and effort trying to translate prayer into words, when it's already there, waiting for us to be quiet, to stop buzzing around. Just show up...

A Litany of thanks

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