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imageLent is almost half way through now, it seems to be flying by! So how are you getting on with your chosen "fast"? I actually decided that this year I would take on a number of things rather than giving them up. You may ask why and I guess my response would be that for someone like me who lives a very busy life giving things up is easy but taking things on is much more of a challenge. I have to find the time from somewhere and have to stop and do it. So in the 40 days I am reading the Bible all the way through, though I have to use the Sundays as well or I can't really do it. I'm also doing something called 40 Acts where I am challenged each day to do something. So for instance today it was called BOGOF - the challenge to buy something where you were offered one free and give the free one away, or leave money behind the counter of a cafe to pay for peoples coffee.

Sometimes it sounds so easy but finding the time to do it can be difficult, but my neighbours enjoyed some nice cakes today and have benefited from a number of the tasks, which has been great for opening conversations. Perhaps the one which I now know brought great joy to someone was to send a card by post, something I only do on birthdays and I'm beginning to do even that electronically. I sent a card to someone who has been a real encouragement to me for a number of years and just told her how important her support and prayers had been. A few days later I got a phone call saying how lovely it had been to get the card and how much it was appreciated.

I have also started to think about what Lent is all about I know it is suppose to help us understand Jesus fasting for 40 days in the wilderness but I am not convinced it really does. It wasn't something Jesus commanded us to do as it wasn't instituted until AD360 and it was not about fasting but spiritual renewal for the preparation that Easter demanded. Then gradually its meaning has been changed and I suppose the very fact that I have taken things on reflects that.

I am still looking at Lent and what it means for me but I pray that whatever you are doing that you will be blessed by God and be ready for Holy Week.

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Monday, 09 December 2019

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