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Liar Liar!

Hello everyone, Happy New Year, and apologies for my lengthy absence from this blog (if you've noticed).

My excuse - I fell over on the Sunday before Christmas (you may have heard this story before) and ruptured my quadriceps tendon; then surgery (thank you, Mr. Kenaan and all the brilliant staff at the NDDH) and now I'm in a leg brace and confined to light duties for a while longer.

Perfect conditions, you might think, for a spot of blogging. But instead I've been reading books and watching TV, and enjoying that strange feeling of sitting in a chair, with your leg up, while family members come in at intervals to ask if you want anything...

This afternoon Clare and I were catching up on "The Trial of Christine Keeler" - so evocative of a different era which I'm just about old enough to remember. A friend called in who has also been watching it, and she commented on how things have changed in terms of public truth-telling (or the lack of it). Then, lying in the House of Commons was a sackable offence. And now?...

And I thought: maybe it's only in the last few years that we've become used to public figures who not only lie, but are apparently unfazed when they're caught lying. And we just laugh wearily (no longer even disbelievingly) and carry on with our lives, in which truth and lies are still differentiated.

Of course the truth, the whole truth, is hard to pin down. We might want to say "Jesus is the truth" - but that statement will still beg many questions which we won't be able to answer in ways that settle the matter and satisfy everyone. (And arguably, real truth is to be lived out, not defined.)

But still, there is such a thing as a lie - and there is such a thing, for Christians and for all good people, as a duty to challenge and expose lying and falsehood.

Starting with ourselves, and with the Church... 

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