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Old guys rule?

Is it true that the over-60s tend to go on a bit about getting old? (Just saying)

Maybe, to avoid the inevitable self-pity, we need to plough on regardless, as if age were nothing but a number, and there are worlds still to be conquered (or better, discovered)...

But then - horror of horrors - I look at the two leading contenders for the Democratic nomination in the United States (not to mention their President) and see white-haired old blokes, still desperate to achieve, still driven, still convinced that their best years are ahead of them. And maybe they're right.

What keeps them from sitting around quietly in their slippers watching daytime TV? It must be some kind of fire within, some burning conviction that they haven't yet got there, haven't yet achieved (that word again) their potential. And that fire is, for sure, a noble thing, if it's about making other people's lives better. But if it's really about an insatiable ego, an all-consuming drive to get to the top, then we're all better off if the old guys just give it a rest. For good.

In the suggestions for prayer during Lent (see "Common Worship" Morning Prayer), there's a good phrase: "for those serving through leadership". Leadership that isn't anchored in and defined by service is deadly.

That starts with me, of course... 

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