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Peering round the door


Now that churches have developed all kinds of online resources and services to help us to continue worshipping during Coronavirus, it appears that many more people are logging in than ever used to come through the door on a Sunday. Why? Maybe partly because you can maintain anonymity online - and we know what a psychological barrier that church door can be for those who are hesitant about commitment, or who had a bad experience last time they ventured in.

Also - when you've had a look (or had enough) online, you can just log out, whereas walking out of church needs a lot of nerve (or an outrageously offensive sermon). So maybe any self-congratulation over the figures for online attendance needs to be tempered by the likelihood that many of those "worshippers" are, in effect, poking their heads round the church door to take a look at what's going on - and then leaving.

Still ... we shouldn't dismiss the possibility that there are many people who, in these strange times, have found themselves drawn to explore God, prayer, spirituality, faith. So one of the questions facing the churches, as we move towards a tentative physical re-opening, is: how can we be as open to the casual, uncertain, hovering worshipper as we were during lockdown?

Brazening it out
The Joy of Art

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