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High fidelity

Carrying on from last time ... a sad and tawdry end to the Christine Keeler saga, and a sense of butterflies crushed by the establishment juggernaut.

And a question - how healthy is our British attitude to sex? On the one hand, a prurient interest in the details of people's sex lives; on the other, a willingness to condemn, and if necessary punish, those whose behaviour deviates from "the norm".

So can I just say - when it comes to sex, we're all sinners, we all get it wrong, in thought if not in deed. There is no such thing as perfect, unswerving fidelity. And so there is no basis for judging others. (This, of course, applies to other areas as well as sex!)

And yet fidelity, faithfulness, is absolutely worth striving for, in sex as in all aspects of our lives. That's why marriage matters - not as the last bastion of respectability, against which all other relationships can be measured and judged - but as the expression of a desire to be faithful in loving another person. And in doing so, to reflect and embody, however imperfectly (and yet often gloriously), the faithful love of God for all of us.

Forgive me if you disagree - but in my view, heterosexual marriage is not the only relationship in which we can learn to be faithful in love. In all our relationships, the real value is not the label, not the gender, not the orientation, but the quality of love which we are called to show one another.

Liar Liar!

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