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The Joy of Art

You may already have found this gem in the TV schedules - and please don't imagine I've spent the whole of my lockdown gazing at screens - but can I recommend "Grayson Perry's Art Club" (8.00 pm, Mondays, Channel 4)? 

Each week, renowned and slightly eccentric artist Grayson Perry invites members of the public to submit their artworks on a theme - the most recent being "What you see from your window". The results are hugely varied and often remarkably good; he also interviews celebrities about their love of art, and gets them to produce some work - all of it displayed remotely, of course. What I love about this programme is the sense of enjoyment and delight which Grayson and his wife Philippa radiate, as they enthuse over all kinds of creations. It's an hour full of laughter and surprise, and it restores my faith in our human creativity.

One thing that really interested me was a remark Grayson made at one point, about the need to be relaxed in order to be creative. This flies in the face of the conventional view that great art arises from some form of mental or spiritual torment. Instead, perhaps we can see creativity as a type of playfulness - a carefree messing about with the gifts and the materials we've been given, without fear of failure or disapproval. 

I don't always manage it, but I like this idea of freedom in creating (whether it's the Sistine Chapel or a sandwich). And - is there an echo of how God feels as he creates, and as he watches us create? Enjoyment, delight, laughter - whether we're creators or spectators, these feelings are worth aiming for, in every part of our lives.

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