We're all in a waiting game just now. We don't know when or how we will emerge from this state of suspended animation, and we don't know how bad the damage will be, in terms of lives lost and lives changed for ever. We just have to wait.

I once waited 5 days for a train to come, in Sudan. Nobody knew exactly when it would come, but we were sure it would, eventually, at some unspecified point in the future. So we adapted and got on with making a routine, cooking, playing games and so on - a bit like now. We accepted that we couldn't be in control of the future. But we kept faith in the train - and in the end, it came!

Today - Easter Eve, Holy Saturday - is a day of waiting. Of course, we're privileged: we know when the waiting will be over, we know that tomorrow will be a day of rejoicing. But on another level, today stands for the whole of the time in which we live, the in-between time. Jesus has died and is risen, and yet we toil on in our imperfect world, with its flashes of glory, waiting for that finality when God will make all things right. In this sense, all our days are Holy Saturday, and our job is to keep on waiting, using the time we have to good effect, and not to lose faith. 

Is that a train I hear coming?