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Periodic contributions from Revd. Giles King-Smith, Vicar of the three coastal parishes. We also continue to show contributions from the late Associate Minister Revd. Linda Walters
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How to be fearless

Well, of course I can't tell you how to be fearless. But I can tell you that fearlessness looks a lot like Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez, the two teenagers who battled it out in the US Open Final on Saturday. I'm sure they were nervous beforehand, but once it started, what we saw was a simple commitment to play their best - a focus on the job in hand which left no room, seemingly, for anxious thoughts or self-doubt. Perhaps the fact that no one expected them to be there helped them be fearless; as Emma Raducanu said, "I don't feel any pressure. I'm still only 18 and I'm just having a free swing at anything that comes my way."

I want that - no pressure, just have a free swing! Somehow it fits with Jesus telling his followers not to worry, just to deal with things as they come. That sense of freedom, which I only have from time to time - that is how it is in the Kingdom. I won't win the US Open, but I can have a free swing at life...

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