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No more barriers


I found these words of Gloria Steinem, the pioneering campaigner for women's rights, speaking about the challenge we all face and its possible benefits:

The virus knows that race, gender, class and national boundaries are all fictions. This could help us realise we are all passengers on Spaceship Earth. I'm hoping that this crisis not only exposes inequalities, but helps us learn what movements have been trying to teach us: we are linked, not ranked.

All boundaries, all differences are meaningless in a time of Coronavirus. We are one humanity, all of us vulnerable, none ultimately more important or powerful than any other, in the context of our mortality. Can we learn to make more of our linked-ness than the things which divide us? If we can, be sure that we will be doing the work of the Kingdom.

On a different note, I was cheered by another thought of Gloria Steinem:

Laughter is the only free emotion. Obviously, fear can be compelled. So can love, if we're dependent for long enough. But you can't compel laughter. Never go anywhere you're not allowed to laugh, including church.

Amen to that!

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